Name: Andrea Carvalho
Title: Program & Events Coordinator 
Organization: Causewave Community Partners
Member since: 2021

How long have you been working in the fundraising profession?
I've been involved in event fundraising for about 2 years now and am looking forward to being more involved in other fundraising activities like individual donor engagement in the future. 

What do you love most about fundraising?
When I initially started working in the nonprofit field, I thought a fundraiser was someone who knew the in's and out's of a budget. I eventually learned how critical storytelling is for a good fundraiser. We're able to make a significant impact in our organizations, and more importantly the mission's of our organizations. My background is as a creative, so I'm especially interested in telling stories that help communicate and make real change. 

Why did you decide to join AFPGV?
I'm eager to expand my knowledge of fundraising and meet other young professionals. 

What do you enjoy most about being an AFPGV member?
The AFPGV community has been very welcoming so far, I'm grateful that this is an active group that values personal connections.

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