The AFP CFRE Refresher Course offers development professionals an opportunity to review the main components of a complete fundraising program. It is an intensive program intended to provide an overview, organized around the domains of the Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) exam, rather than on specific fundraising strategies. This course helps participants identify gaps in their knowledge by working through abbreviated case studies referred to as “caselets.” Participation in the course may assist individuals in learning or reviewing concepts covered on the CFRE exam as detailed in the Test Content Outline provided by CFRE International on its website.

The course consists of an introductory chapter and six content chapters corresponding with the six CFRE test domains. Each domain chapter opens with a list of the domain competencies appearing in the CFRE Test Content Outline. Key knowledge areas for each domain – also from the Test Content Outline – follow, each with space allowing the participant to reflect and make personal notes for how much s/he knows about each area and what needs further study.

After a brief review of key concepts by the facilitator, participants will discuss caselets that provide an opportunity to apply key knowledge areas to real-life situations. This “case process” is all about synthesizing and applying accumulated experience and knowledge – exactly what individuals will be asked to do on the CFRE exam. Full participation in the 16-hour version of the course, with more time for interactive discussion, is applicable for 16 points of CFRE Credit in Category 1.B.

What the CFRE Refresher Course Is and Is Not
A “refresher” is, by definition, instruction that serves to reacquaint one with material previously studied or to bring one's knowledge or skills up to date and this course is designed to do exactly that. The course provides ample opportunity for applying previous knowledge to fundraising scenarios in an active, engaging learning environment. It is not a review for the CFRE Exam. No sample test questions will be available.

Rationale for the Approach to the Course:
The course approach is a variation of the flipped classroom and blended learning models. As EDUCAUSE writes, during class, learners can inquire about content, test their skills by applying knowledge, and interact with one another in hands-on activities. Instructors function as coaches or advisors, encouraging learners in individual inquiry and collaborative effort.

In a traditional classroom, learners focus on capturing lectures and there is little time to reflect – much less digest and act – on what is being discussed. By devoting class time to application of concepts, instructors have a better opportunity to detect errors in thinking, particularly those that are widespread in a class setting.

Who should attend?
The course is intended for intermediate-level fundraising professionals who want a relatively quick yet comprehensive 8-16 hour overview of fundraising principles at a step above the fundamental level, and who seek assistance in learning or reviewing concepts covered on the CFRE exam.

What will participants learn?
Following active engagement during this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify personal strengths and weaknesses in domain content.
  • Assess personal level of readiness to take the CFRE examination.
  • Develop an effective personal study plan.
  • Apply fundraising skills and knowledge to real-life fundraising scenarios.

Scholarship Opportunity
The "Jill Pranger Scholarship" was established in honor of Jill, and her accomplishments, to encourage AFP professionals to pursue Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) designation. There will be one scholarship awarded. This scholarship will cover 50% of the CFRE Refresher Course cost.

AFPGV hosts this course in Rochester every other year. The next AFP CFRE Refresher Course will be offered in Rochester, NY in 2024. Check our calendar of events for the most up to date information.